Dissident AIDS Database

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Epidemiology of vertically transmitted HIV-1 infection in Switzerland: results of a nationwide prospective study.
 Kind C et al.
  “One infant dying of histologically confirmed HIV encepalopathy was repeatedly seronegative”
  Eur J Pediatr. 1992;151:442-8.1992
Pediatric acquired immunodeficiency syndrome with negative human immunodeficiency virus antibody response by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and Western blot.
 Goetz DW et al.
  “A 5-month-old white girl having persistent oral candidiasis was brought to medical attention because of acute respiratory distresss, pneumonia, and hypoxia that worsened despite supportive care and antibiotics...The diagnosis of AIDS was suspected, although ELISA and Western blot tests were both negative for HIV antibody...The mother was HIV antibody positive by ELISA and Western blot but belonged to no high-risk group and was asymptomatic except for chronic diarrhea. The father was HIV antibody negative...The patient...remains HIV negative [after 6 months]”
  Pediatrics. 1988;81:356-9.1988
AIDS in a child without antibody to HIV.
 Marshall GS et al.
  “We have seen an infant, born to seropositive parents, who was persistently seronegative for HIV antibody before the onset of severe immunodeficiency..The diagnosis of AIDS in this child rests on the opportunistic infections, decreased T4/T8 [immune cell] ratios, impaired T-cell immunity, loss of functional antibody, and seropositivity in the parents”
  Lancet. 1987;1:446-7.1987
A prospective study of infants born to women seropositive for human immunodeficiency virus type 1.
 Blanche S et al.
  “In four of five infants who had signs or symptoms of HIV infection after becoming seronegative, we detected evidence of HIV infection with use of hybridization studies carried out after the genome was amplifieid with the polymerase-chain-reaction method. One infant who became seronegative was totally free of symptoms but carried the HIV genome”
  NEJM. 1989 Jun 22;320(25):1643-8.1989