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Kaposi's sarcoma among HIV-negative high risk population.
 Safai B, Peralta H, Menzies K, Tizon H, Roy P, Flomberg N, Wolinsky S.
  another 6 cases of HIV-free Kaposiís sarcoma were reported in an HIV-free "high risk population" from New York
  VII International Conference on AIDS. 1991;1991
Kaposiís sarcoma in HIV-negative homosexual men.
 Friedman-Kien, A. E., Saltzman, B. R., Cao, Y., Nestor, M. S., Mirabile, M., Li, J. J. and Peterman, T. A.
  ď349 homosexual or bisexual men with biopsy proven KS seen in a university hospital-based dermatology practice between 1981 and 1989 were tested for antibodies to HIV-1, and 343 were HIV-1 positive...Inhaled nitrite (poppers) use was reported by 5 [of the 6 who were HIV-1 negative].Ē
  Lancet 335: 168-169, 19901990
Detection of Herpesvirus-like DNA Sequences in Kaposi's Sarcoma in Patients With and Those Without HIV Infection.
 Moore PS, Chang Y.
  The study describes 4 HIV-free, male homosexual AIDS patients with Kaposiís sarcoma
  N Engl J Med 1995; 332: 1181-1185.1995