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Low CD4 count in HIV-negative malaria cases, and normal CD4 count in HIV-positive and malaria negative patients.
 Chirenda J
  The author examined the CD4 count in 78 patients with malaria who were HIV-positive, and 19 who were HIV-negative. More HIV-negative malaria cases had severely lowered CD4 counts than did the HIV-positive cases, on average, with 8 of 19 (42%) HIV-negative cases being below 200, while only 31 of 78 (40%) HIV-positive cases had CD4 counts below 200. Seven HIV-negative malaria cases had CD4 counts below 100. This data comes from Table 1. In addition, 6 HIV-positive patients had normal CD4 counts, and the author states, "One may want to hypothesise that malaria reduces the CD4 count more than HIV infection".
  Cent Afr J Med; 1999, Volume 45(9): page 2481999