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Harrison’s. Principles of Internal Medicine.
 Fauci A.S., Braunwald, E., Isslbacher, K.J., et al.
  "Tuberculosis may spread via the placenta or the foetus may acquire it from ingestion of contaminated amniotic fluid. Congenital TB may affect the liver, spleen lymph nodes and other organs".
  McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. New York USA, ed. 14, 19981998
T4 lymphopenia in patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis.
 Beck JS, Potts RC, Kardjito T, and Grange JM
  Researchers in Indonesia examined the lymphocyte subsets in 26 patients newly diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). They undertook the study because of a previous report of lowered CD4 counts in HIV-positive patients with TB in which the authors assumed that the lowered CD4 counts were due to HIV. They found that in HIV-negative TB patients CD4 counts were also significantly lowered, with an average of 748, compared to 1,043 in healthy controls. Although the effects seen here were not as dramatic as in the studies reviewed previously, with only 5 of 26 patients having CD4 counts less than 500, the authors still felt their findings were highly significant to people diagnosed HIV-positive. "We now report the relatively frequent occurence of moderate CD4 lymphopenia in patients with untreated but otherwise uncomplicated pulmonary TB."
  Clin Exp Immunol, Volume 60, 49-54.1985
Tuberculous lymphadenopathy in children.
 Sheikh, M.M., Ansari, Z., Ahmad, P., Tyagi, S.P.
  In India, 49% of 183 cases of lymphadenopathy in children were found to be due to tuberculosis.
  Indian Pediatrics, Volume 18 (293-297), 19811981