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Advanced immunodeficiency as a risk factor for heterosexual transmission of HIV.
 Laga, M., et al.
  "To define the rate of HIV infection and associated risk factors among heterosexual partners of HIV-infected individuals, 80 partners and 77 index cases were examined for clinical, behavioural and virological variables. The study population included 61 male and 16 female index cases, of whom 40 were European and 37 African. Multiple sexual partners in central Africa was the risk factor for HIV infection in 83%. The overall infection rate among the contact cases was 45%, 53% among female partners and 13% among male partners (P less than 0.001). Variables significantly associated with HIV infection in the partners included advanced clinical stage (AIDS-related complex or AIDS), a low concentration of T4 lymphocytes and African nationality of the index case, young age of the partner, and more than 50 instances of sexual contact with the index cases. In a logistic regression analysis, a low concentration of T4 lymphocytes, clinical stage ARC/AIDS and African nationality of the index case but not number of sexual contacts, remained as independent risk factors for HIV transmission. Our data indicate that there is a significant biological heterogeneity in sexual transmission of HIV and that advanced clinical stage and severe T cell depletion of the index case are major determinants of infectivity."
  Aids, 1989. 3(6): p. 361-6.1989