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CD4 lymphocytopenia among injecting drug users in New York City.
 Des Jarlais DC et al.
  "CD4 cell counts and percentages were obtained from 1,246 HIV-seronegative subjects. We ... examined the data for the 21 subjects who had one CD4 count between 300 and 500 cells/microliter and for whom there was at least one follow-up data collection... Five of these 21 subjects later seroconverted for HIV [indicating that low CD4 cell counts preceded infection, and wasnt caused by HIV]. "The relative risk for seroconversion among subjects with one or more CD4 [T-cell] count <500 cells/l compared with HIV-negative subjects with all counts >500 cells/l was 4.53"
  JAIDS. 1993;6:820-2.1993
Incidence and risk factors of HIV infection: a prospective study of seronegative drug users from Milan and northern Italy, 1987-1989.
 Nicolosi A, Musicco M, Saracco A, Molinari S, Ziliani N, Lazzarin A.
  "To assess the incidence of and risk factors for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection among HIV-negative intravenous drug abusers, we studied a cohort of intravenous drug abusers recruited from drug treatment centers in Milan and northern Italy. We enrolled 933 subjects between January 1, 1987 and April 15, 1989 and we followed 460 subjects with one or more visits for a mean follow-up duration of 10.4 months... Among biologic variables, relative risks were increased in individuals whose T4-lymphocyte count was lower than 1,000 at first visit (RR = 8.5, 90% CI = 2.9-24.3)..."
  Epidemiology 1990 Nov;1(6):453-91990