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HIV infection in female prostitutes from Benin: association with symptomatic but not asymptomatic gonococcal or chlamydial infections.
 Baganizi E, Alary M, Guedeme A, Padonou F, Davo N, Adjovi C, van Dyck E, Germain M, Joly JR, Mahony JB
  No abstract / Pubmed
  AIDS 1997 Apr;11(5):685-61997
False-positive HIV antibody tests in RPR-reactive patients.
 Kvinesdal B, Pedersen NS.
  No abstract / Pubmed
  JAMA 1988 Aug 19;260(7):923-41988
Detection of antibodies to HTLV-III by ELISA in AIDS risk groups in Taiwan:
 Wang GR, Lin KT, Liu MF, Shieh CC, Shih LY, Lian DC, Lin TT,Chen CS, Chang SA.
  "Another patient with syphilis also had a markedly high reading, despite having no other known risk factor."
  Zhonghua Min Guo Wei Sheng Wu Ji Mian Yi Xue Za Zhi 1986 Feb;19(1):7-171986
Do anti-Tricomonas vaginalis antibodies recognize HIV gp41?
 Fiori PL, Rappelli P.
  "…Three out of 108 sera with IgG anti-Tricomonas vaginalis tested positive for HIV using both kits"
  AIDS. 2000 Sep 8;14(13):2057-8.2000