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Immunological effects of radiation from solarium lamps and the sun.
 Hersey P.
  No abstract / Pubmed
  Med J Aust. 1983 Aug 20;2(4):159-601983
Immunological effects of solarium exposure.
 Hersey P, Bradley M, Hasic E, Haran G, Edwards A, McCarthy WH.
  "Normal volunteers (hospital and university staff) underwent a 12 half-hour exposure to a commercially available solarium on consecutive days excluding Saturday and Sunday, to acquire a suntan. Tests of immune function were carried out before, on completion and 2 weeks after exposure. A number of abnormalities were found in the exposed subjects including significant decrease in T 4 and T4/T8 which persisted 2 weeks after exposure".
  Lancet. 1983 Mar 12;1(8324):545-81983