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T-cell subpopulations following thermal injury.
 Antonacci AC, Good RA, & Gupta S
  An early report appeared in 1982, in which the authors looked at the percentage of CD4 counts in 30 patients admitted to their hospital's burn center, and found that the severity of the burns was directly correlated with depressed CD4 percentages. Patients with greater than 25% of their body covered with 3rd degree burns had the lowest percentages on admission, 37%, as compared to normals who had 63%. They found a similar pattern with the CD4/CD8 ratio, but do not report on absolute CD4 counts.
  Surg Gynecol Obstet, 1982, 155(1); 1-81982
Changes in T lymphocyte subsets following injury.
 O'Mahoney JB, Wood JJ, Rodrick ML, Mannick JA
  A group of 25 patients with burns, and a group of 21 patients with non-thermal injuries. Both groups had severely lowered CD4 percentages, which persisted until 50 days post-injury when the study was concluded. "The most important abnormality appears to be a reduction in CD4 positive cells in burn patients... A change in the ratio of CD4 to CD8 positive cells soon after injury is due to a reduction in CD4 positive cells, not an increase in CD8 positive cells... We believe that the more important abnormality in the patients studied is a reduction in T-cell help - ... in terms of the number of circulating CD4 positive cells".
  Ann Surg, 1985, 202(5); 580-5861985