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Depression of cellular immunity after multiple trauma in the absence of sepsis.
 O'Mahoney JB, Palder SB, Wood JJ, et al.
  A group of researchers decided to look at lymphocyte subsets in patients with multiple trauma who had no burns. They examined the blood of 31 patients and compared their lymphocyte profile to ten normal controls. The CD4/CD8 ratio was significantly reduced and inverted, with an average of 0.96, compared with 1.82 in controls. They also found reduced lymphocyte proliferation/blastogenesis in response to antigen challenges. While their original report said they found no difference in absolute CD4 counts, they report in a postscript that they were mistaken in this regard: "in looking back now at the data, we feel the CD4 population did change relative to the CD8 population because of an absolute decrease in the number of CD4 cells".
  J Trauma, 1984, 24(10); 869-751984
A systematic study of host defense processes in badly injured patients.
 Polk HC, George CD, Cost K, et al.
  The study looked at 20 consecutive patients who had emergency surgery due to major trauma and absolute numbers of CD4 cells were given. Figure 7 on page 289 shows that 6 of 20 (30%) patients had CD4 counts below 200 cells/mm3, and 13 of 20 (65%) had counts below 500. "Total T-cells represent what is interpreted as a normal and common response to injury... All patients had low total lymphocyte counts on admission and exhibited a furthur decline on day 3"
  Ann Surg, 1986, 204; 282-2991986