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Oral Candidiasis (Thrush)
 Project inform
  "Certain drugs can alter the natural organisms in the mouth, which can then promote the growth of Candida. These include the extended use of antibiotics..."
Breakdown of the Immune System
 Jenkins Gill
  "There is an argument that antibiotics are used too much, for minor infections with low risks we should wait for the body's own defences. One reason for this is another way in which the immune barrier fails. It relates to the protective effect of the normal micro-organisms (your 'commensal flora') which live on the skin and mucosal membranes. These usually prevent other more dangerous bugs from spreading but if for example you have a course of antibiotics for an infection, as well as killing off the harmful bacteria causing the infection, some of your 'commensal flora' will die too leaving an opportunity for the others to grow. A good example is 'thrush' or candida infection. This yeast-like fungus normally lives on the skin and in the gut and vagina in small, well-controlled numbers but after antibiotics it gets a chance to multiply, at a certain point becoming a nuisance as the surface is unable to cope with its mildly toxic effects."