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Abnormal T-lymphocyte subpopulations associated with transfusions of blood-derived products.
 Kessler, C.M., R.S. Schulof, A.L. Goldstein, E.H. Naylot, N.L. Luban, J.E. Kelleher & G.H. Reaman
  "Repeated exposure to many blood products can be associated with development of T4/T8 abnormalities" and "significantly reduced mean T4/T8 ratios compared with age and sex-matched controls"
  Lancet i: 991-992.1983
Blood products and immune changes: impacts without HIV infection.
 Aledort LM.
  “Of the 197 transfused patients, the survival rate was 53%...natural killer activity was markedly depressed in patients who had received multiple transfusions...in chronically transfused recipients of plasma products, abnormalities in white blood cells and platelets were apparent regardless of the presence of the HIV antibody”
  Sem Hematol. 1988;25:14-19.1988