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Combination immunosuppressive therapy after factor VIII infusion for acquired factor VIII inhibitor.
 Lian, E. C. Y., Larcada, A. F. & Chiu, A. Y. Z.,
  Steroids have been used for the treatment for factor VIII inhibitors in haemophiliacs
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Long-term follow-up of hemophiliacs with lymphocytopenia or thrombocytopenia.
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  Steroids have been used for the treatment for ITP in haemophiliacs
  Blood 66:1317-1320. 1985.1985
Immune status of asymptomatic HIV-infected hemophiliacs: randomized, prospective, two-year comparison of treatment with a high-purity or an intermediate-purity factor VIII concentrate.
 Mannucci, P. M., Gringeri, A., de Biasi, R., Baudo, F., Morfini, M. & Ciavarella, N.
  Haemophiliacs with thrombocytopenia "usually need treatment with drugs as ... corticosteroids or immunoglobulins, which interfere with the immune system"
  Thrombosis and Haemostasis 67:310-313. , 1992.1992