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Pneumonia deaths in haemophiliacs
 Aronson, D.L,
  An American hematologist commented on such opportunistic infections in hemophiliacs, including two candidiasis and 66 pneumonia deaths that had occurred between 1968 and 1979 : "... It seems possible that many of the unspecified pneumonias in hemophiliacs in the past would be classified today as AIDS."
  Lancet ii: 1023, 19831983
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome among patients attending hemophilia treatment centers and mortality experience of hemophiliacs in the United States.
 Johnson, R.E., D.N. Lawrence, B.L. Evatt, D.J. Bregman, L.D. Zyla, J.W. Curran, L.M. Aledort, M.E. Eyster, A.P. Brownstein & C.J. Cannan
  Death reports from the United States Vital Statistics System and from the hemophilia center survey for the above period 1968-1979 were also analysed by workers from the CDC and the National Hemophilia Foundation. They found that "an average of six deaths were reported to the National Center for Health Statistics annually in 1968-1979 for conditions which could possibly be related to AIDS" (including 60% pneumonias)
  Am. J. Epidemiol. 121: 797-810, 19851985