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Effects of factor VIII concentrates on the immune system in hemophilic patients.
 Schulman, S
  Sculman reported that "worrisome evidence of similar immunological disturbances has been observed, albeit to a lesser degree, in anti-HIV-negative hemophiliacs" and that immunodeficiency in hemophiliacs "correlates more strongly with annual consumption of factor concentrates than with HIV status". He also observed that four HIV-positive hemophiliacs recovered from thrombocytopenia upon treatment with pure factor VIII for 2-3 years, and others from CD8-related immunodeficiency upon treatment for 6 months
  Annals of Hematology, 1991, 63: 145-151.1991
Long-term follow-up of hemophiliacs with lymphocytopenia or thrombocytopenia.
 Eyster, M.E., D.A. Whitehurst, P.M. Catalano, C.W. McMillan, S.H. Goodnight, C.K. Kasper, J.C. Gill, L.M. Aledort, M.W. Hilgartner, P.H. Levine, J.R. Edson, W.E. Hathaway, J .M. Lusher, E.M., Gill, W.K. Poole & S.S. Shapiro.
  "the frequency of lymphocytopenia and thrombocytopenia was increased in multitransfused factor VIII-deficient hemophiliacs before the advent of AIDS". A multicenter study investigating the immune systems of 1,551 hemophiliacs, treated with factor VIII from 1975 to 1979, documented thrombocytopenia in 5%.
  Blood 66: 1317-1320, 19851985