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Do alcohol and cocaine abuse alter the course of HIV-associated dementia complex?
 Tyor WR, Middaugh LD.
  "Although psychoactive drugs are commonly used by AIDS patients, it is unclear whether commonly abused drugs, such as cocaine and ethanol, affect the course of HIV-associated dementia (HADC). Epidemiological studies have resulted in conflicting conclusions as to what role, if any, abused drugs play in HADC. In this review we discuss the clinical and pathological evidence that cocaine and ethanol might exacerbate the detrimental effects of HIV infection on the brain... We conclude that abused drugs likely affect the course of HADC but that proof awaits an examination of their interactive effects in an appropriate in vivo system of retroviral encephalitis."
  J Leukoc Biol 1999 Apr;65(4):475-811999
Harrison’s. Principles of Internal Medicine.
 Fauci A.S., Braunwald, E., Isslbacher, K.J., et al.
  "chronic intake of high doses of ethanol causes peripheral neuropathy in 5 to 15 % of alcoholics… Permanent central nervous system impairment (alcohol-induced persisting dementia) can develop and accounts for up to 20 % of chronically demented patients"
  McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. New York USA, ed. 14, 19981998