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Patterns of T lymphocyte changes with human immunodeficiency virus infection: from seroconversion to the development of AIDS.
 Lang W, Perkins H, Anderson RE, Royce R, Jewell N, Winkelstein W, Jr.
  Prospective studies have demonstrated that the T-cells of male homosexuals using psychoactive drugs and sexual stimulants may decline prior to infection with HIV. For example, the T-cells of 37 homosexual men from San Francisco declined steadily prior to HIV infection for 1.5 years from over 1200 to below 800 per Ál. Some even had fewer than 500 T-cells 1.5 years before seroconversion. Although recreational drug use was not mentioned in these articles, other studies of the same cohort of homosexual men from San Francisco described extensive use of recreational drugs including nitrites
  JAIDS 1989; 2: 63-69.1989