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Clinical features of drug use and drug use related to HIV.
 Brettle, R. P.
  A variety of important medical problems, both non-infective and infective in nature, are associated with drug use. A number of micro-organisms are associated with the non-sterile nature of injection drug use (IDU) whilst a number of blood borne viruses, including retroviruses such as HIV, are easily transmitted to individuals involved in the sharing of injection equipment. Practitioners require knowledge of infection and non-infection related medical conditions associated with IDU since they may mimic each other.
  Int. J. STD & AIDS 7: 151-165, 19961996
HIV-related deaths from selected infectious diseases among persons without AIDS in New Jersey.
 Hayes, T., Altman, R., Akili-Obika, A., Buehler, J. W., Costa, S. J., Beil, J. K., Moore, L. G., Massey, J. W. and Williams, N. M.
  A survey of the causes of death of 412 intravenous drug users from New Jersey, revealed many HIV-free cases, including at least 48 pneumonias, 35 tuberculoses, and 6 encephalopathies
  Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 7: 1074-1078, 19941994