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Oral Candidiasis (Thrush)
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  "Factors that may weaken the immune systemófrom cancer chemotherapy to stress and depressionócan also cause candidiasis."
Psychosocial risk factors in vulvovaginal mycosis. A multivariate long-term study
 Meyer H, Gottlicher S.
  "The results of a multivariate logit-analysis of n = 9098 (female) patients of a gynecologic practice (from 1991 to 1994) confirm the relevance of psycho-social factors like employment, being married, smoking etc. on the incidence of the vulvovaginal mycosis. By the statistical results the studied factors can be rank-ordered from "smoking" as the most relevant to "virginity" as the most irrelevant factor. Surprisingly sexual contact and using oral contraception had no relevance. A check-list using factor-combinations enables to discriminate 48 types of female with different risk of incidence. The results of the study are in accordance with the following hypothesis: In most cases stress, induced by the psycho-social situation of the female and weakening the immune system, is the only responsible factor for the incidence of vulvovaginal mycosis"
  Mycoses 1998;41 Suppl 2:49-531998