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Health problems of gay and bisexual men
 Ungvarski PJ, Grossman AH
  "Significant mental and physical morbidity occurs among gay and bisexual men because health care providers are often unaware of their actual or potential health concerns. Mental health problems include anxiety, depression, suicide, and both alcohol and substance abuse."
  Self-willed death or the bone pointing syndrome. Lancet 1; 1435-1436.(June 23, 1973).1999
Suicide, euthanasia and AIDS.
 Mishara BL
  "This article critically reviews research on suicide, AIDS, and HIV seropositivity. Studies indicate that men with a diagnosis of AIDS or HIV seropositivity have up to 36 times greater risk of suicide than men without the diagnosis."
  Crisis 1998;19(2):87-961998
False-Positive Self-Reports of HIV Infection
 Chifumbe Chintu, et. al
  Even Africans with treatable medical conditions (such as tuberculosis) who perceive themselves as having HIV infection fail to seek medical attention because they think that they have an untreatable disease.
  The Lancet, Vol. 349 (March 1, 1997), p. 649.1997