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Update on Uganda : an analysis of the predictions and assumptions about the former epicenter of the AIDS epidemic. Implications for other African countries
 Fiala Chistian
  "Thailand is another country, which is said to be severely hit by a heterosexually transmitted HIV-epidemic. And again we come across the same finding. Bangkok has the highest rate of STDs and a low HIV prevalence. Northern Thailand, the so called Golden Triangle on the other hand has the highest rate of HIV but the second lowest STD morbidity of all regions. And even within the different provinces of the Northern Region there is a negative geographical correlation between HIV and syphilis. The conclusion of these observations is obvious: HIV can not be heterosexually transmitted. This message has important implications on political decisions and ongoing prevention campaigns (Chitwarakorn A. et al, Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Thailand, in Brown T. et al. Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Asia and the Pacific, 1998 Ministry of Public Health, AIDS Division, HIV/AIDS Situation in Thailand October 31, 1998 Office of Communicable Disease Control Region 10, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Aids Prevention and Control in Upper North, November 1998)."