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EpidemiologySexual transmissionHeterosexual intercourseHemophiliac partners
Exposure of heterosexuals to human immunodeficiency virus and viremia: evidence for continuing risks in spouses of hemophiliacs.
 Andes WA, Rangan SR, Wulff KM.
  “HIV was recoved from only 2 of 16 spouses of the seropositive hemophiliacs whom we studied…This inefficient heterosexual transmission of HIV in hemophiliacs seems different than that observed in other groups where one partner is bisexual or an intravenous drug addict [ignoring the possibility of higher levels of health risk in partners within these other groups]”
  Sex Transm Dis. 1989 Apr-Jun;16(2):68-73.1989
HTLV-III/LAV antibody and immune status of household contacts and sexual partners of persons with hemophilia.
 Jason, J.M., J.S. McDougal, G. Dixon, D.N. Lawrence, M.S. Kennedy, M. Hilganner, L. Aledort & B.L. Evatt
  “Only two (2.3%) of 88 individuals without hemophilia [who were sexual partners and/or lived with hemophiliacs] had antibody to HTLV-III/LAV [HIV]”
  J. Am. Med. Assoc, 1986 255: 212-215.1986
Human immunodeficiency virus infection in sexually active wives of infected hemophilic men.
 Kim HC et al.
  “Infection with HIV was studied in 14 sexually active spouses of infected hemophilic men who had been HIV antibody reactive for a mean of 46 months. One half of the hemophilic men studied had overt HIV antigenemia for a mean duration of 27 months; 6 of the men studied fulfilled clinical criteria for the diagnosis of AIDS. All 14 couples were sexually active in a strictly monogamous fashion, in marriages of [an average duration of] 13.5 years with an average reported frequency of 4 sexual encounters per month…Antibodies to HIV developed in only one of the 14 wives... HIV antibodies did not develop in any of the 13 remaining wives, despite the frequent practice of oral sex by six couples and reports of occasional anal intercourse by another couple.”
  Am J Med. 1988 Oct;85(4):472-6.1988