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Increased prevalence and analysis of risk factors for indinavir nephrolithiasis.
 Saltel E, Angel JB, Futter NG, Walsh WG, O'Rourke K, Mahoney JE.
  "Indinavir is a protease inhibitor used for treating HIV-1. The drug is lithogenic and was thought to cause a 3% incidence of kidney stones. We evaluated a cohort of patients positive for HIV on indinavir to determine the incidence of indinavir nephrolitihiasis [kidney stone formation] included 155 patients with HIV for 5,732 patient-weeks...At 78 weeks 43.2% of patients had stones...The clinical prevalence of indinavir nephrolithiasis is much greater than initially reported.
  J Urol 2000 Dec;164(6):1895-72000