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 Lisa Richwine
  "Pregnant women may face a higher risk of a potentially fatal side effect from an HIV-fighting drug combination than other patients, the US government and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co warned on Friday. Two drugs, Zerit and Videx, can cause lactic acidosis, an acid buildup that can be deadly in rare cases.... new evidence showed pregnant women have a greater chance of developing the condition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said. The FDA and Bristol-Myers in New York said they had received "several" reports of lactic acidosis among pregnant women, including three deaths... Lactic acidosis may be reversed if doctors stop treatment with the drugs."
  Reuters 6 Jan. '01 Washington -2001
Some HIV drugs may cause birth defects
 No author
  “Two popular HIV drugs may cause birth defects and should be avoided by pregnant women until more is known about their effects, German researchers said on [September 28, 1999]. They found the two drugs, both members of a class known as protease inhibitors, caused abnormal eye development in baby rats. Kai Riecke and colleagues at Freie Universitat Berlin gave the two drugs, Merck's indinavir, known as Crixivan, and Abbott Laboratories' Norvir, or ritonavir, to pregnant rats. They had to stop the ritonavir after a week because it made the rats sick. The rats stayed on the indinavir for the full terms of their pregnancies. Seven of the 236 baby rats exposed to indinavir in the womb were born missing one eye, and two of the 113 baby rats exposed to ritonavir had a missing eye, Riecke's team reported. Fur and teeth also developed later than normal in some of them, they said.”
  Reuters. 1999 Sep 28.1999