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Polypharmacy among patients attending an AIDS clinic: utilization of prescribed, unorthodox, and investigational treatments.
 Greenblatt RM, Hollander H, McMaster JR, Henke CJ.
  In telephone interviews 96% of these people reported prescription drugs, 67% over-the-counter drugs, 31% investigational drugs, 29% recreational drugs, and 29% "alternative" drugs. An average of 2.3 medications were taken simultaneously by healthy HIV-positives and 5.6 medications were taken simultaneously by those with AIDS symptoms. The authors of the study "conclude that use of polypharmacy among some AIDS clinic patients is common, could create an increased risk for adverse drug reactions, and may affect clinical drug trials".
  Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 1991; 4: 136-143.1991
Checking in, my chart.
 Kramer L.
  Larry Kramer, the HIV-positive playwright and founder of the gay activist organization Act-Up, has described his own anti-HIV/AIDS polypharmacy under the title "Checking in, my chart" Following the advice of several AIDS luminaries such as Anthony Fauci, David Ho, Joseph Sonnabend, Alvin Friedman-Kien and others, Kramer composed his own polypharmacy of 19 drugs for an annual price tag of $19,000. This chart includes: "AZT (AIDS), acyclovir [genital herpes], Zantac, colchicine [mitosis blocker], propranolol, spironolactone, myphyston [liver cirrhosis and hepatitis], Eucerin, Moisturel, Retin-A, mycolog, flucinonide, sulfacet-r, Nizoral [fungal dermatitis], Hisminal and Humbid [bronchitis], and Shaklee vitamins, zinc, NAC..."
  POZ 1994; 92-93, August/September.1994
Uncertain life after certain death.
 Tuller D
  The polypharmacy of the AIDS patient and activist Peter Di Giulio from San Francisco, who suffers from weight loss, chronic diarrhea, skin ailments, and neuropathy, ... At an annual cost of just over $41,000 "Di Giulio has no choice but to organize his life around his medications": the DNA chain terminators d4T, 3TC (for HIV), Cytovene (for cytomegalovirus) and Zovirax (for herpes), the protease inhibitor Crixivan, the antifungals Diflucan and Septra (for PCP), anti-mycobacterials Biaxin and Myambutol, the anti-diarrheal Lomotil, Valium for anxiety, and an assortment of ten vitamins and supplements..."
  San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco) 1996: 1-5 zone 6, November 24.1996