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AIDS in Africa, In Search of the Truth
 Malan Rian
  (Kitange HM, Machibya H, Black J, Mtasiwa DM, Masuki G, Whiting D, Unwin N, Moshiro C, Klima PM, Lewanga M, Alberti KG, McLarty DG., BMJ 1996 Jan 27;312(7025):216-20, Outlook for survivors of childhood in sub-Saharan Africa: adult mortality in Tanzania. Adult Morbidity and Mortality Project) ...Tanzania... embarked in 1992 on an even larger mortality study... it was funded by the British government and supported by scientists from the British universities. The Adult Morbidity and Mortality Project recruited 307,912 participants, each of whom was visited at least once a year in the next three years and questioned about recent deaths or disease... AIDS was the leading reported cause of adult mortality, but the average death rate in the communities studied was 13.6 per thousand - ten percent lower than the death rate measured in the census of 1988, which was rated close to 100 percent complete by Dr. Timaeus, the UNAIDS consultant...this study appears to show that there was no increase in the death rate between 1988 and 1995, in the heart of Tanzania's AIDS epidemic."
  RollingStone magazine, November 22, 20012001