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Is aids devastating africa?
 Maggiore Christine
  SIV induces only flu like symptoms in some experimental laboratory monkeys and does not cause any of the 29 official AIDS-defining illnesses. Unlike HIV infection which is said to cause illness only years after exposure and despite the presence of protective antibodies, SIV will cause illness within days of infection or not at all, and wild monkeys retain SIV antibodies throughout their lives without ever becoming ill. Only monkeys in unnatural circumstances -- lab animals with undeveloped immune systems who are injected with large quantities of SIV -- become ill (Kestler H et al, induction of AIDS in rhesus monkey by molecularly cloned SIV, Science, 1990, 2448 : 1109-112, ...). In a recent attempt to advance the hypothesis of an SIV/HIV connection, researchers used the results of nonspecific antibody tests to claim that three chimpanzees captured in West Africa had been infected with HIV/SIV through sexual transmission. Efforts to isolate actual virus from the animals revealed that two of the three chimps had no virus, while the researchers admitted that the virus found in the one was not even closely related to HIV. Their report also failed to explain why the "infected" animals did not transmit HIV/SIV to any of the 150 other chimps living in the colony where they were kept, or why their mates and offspring did not test positive (Gao et al, Nature, 4 Feb 1999, www.rethinkingaids.com/Archive/1999/RA9908EleniOnMonkeys.html).
  what if everything you thought you knew about aids was wrong? (http://www.aliveandwell.org/index.php?page=africab)2000
 Papadopulos-Eleopulos Eleni , et al
  It is currently accepted that macaques suffer from Simian Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (SAIDS) which can be either naturally acquired or induced by inoculation with its accepted aetiological agent, Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV). Furthermore, SAIDS/SIV currently is being used as a model for AIDS/HIV. In this communication we present a critical evaluation of the presently available data on SAIDS and SIV. This data indicates that: (1) the existence of natural SAIDS was defined retrospectively; (2) immunologically and clinically, what is presently known as SAIDS is completely different from AIDS; (3) up to 1985, the attributed aetiological agents for SAIDS included Type-C retroviruses, M-PMV, Papovirus, herpevirus, CMV, environmental toxins, malnutrition, drugs (isoniazid) HTLV-I, type-D retrovirus; (4) since 1985, the cause of SAIDS has been accepted as being a unique retrovirus, SIV; (5) the claim that SAIDS is caused by SIV is not supported by the following facts: (a) SAIDS occurring naturally has only been reported in 1983 in captive macaques; (b) in captive macaques where SAIDS has been reported, SIV infection is “rare”; (c) other primates which have been reported to have very high SIV infectious rates do not develop SAIDS; (d) proof of SAIDS induction by inoculation with SIV as well as for the existence of a unique retrovirus SIV can be obtained only by isolating (purifying) the virus, yet to date no study has reported such proof. We conclude that the evidence which claims to prove the existence of SAIDS and a unique retrovirus SIV needs to be reappraised.
Monkey AIDS?
 Rasnick David
  Below is the letter I sent to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle regarding the monkey-AIDS vaccine that made headlines around the world... "Dear Editor, Finally, a weapon to fight the raging monkey AIDS epidemic: "In Study, Vaccine Protects Monkeys Infected With AIDS-Like Virus." I'm sure the monkeys around the world are celebrating the good news. Since humans are the only animals that naturally get Aids when infected with an immunodeficiency virus, Dr. Norman Letvin's team at Harvard had to create one that would make laboratory animals sick. They infected the monkeys with SHIV, a blended virus that produces an especially quick and deadly Aids-like illness in monkeys. The monkeys who did not receive the vaccine against the created virus all became sick and half died within 140 days. This is a startling admission: scientists can engineer an AIDS virus that is specific for monkeys..."