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 Duesberg Peter
  Despite the evidence that purified factor VIII is beneficial in maintaining or even increasing T-cell counts, several studies testing purified factor VIII are ambiguous about its effectiveness in preventing or treating AIDS (Goldsmith et al., 1991; Hilgartner et al., 1993; Gjerset et al., 1994; Goedert et al., 1994; Phillips et al., 1994). Some of these studies have only tested partially purified, i.e. 2-10 units/mg, instead of highly purified, i.e. 2000-3000 units/mg, factor VIII (Gjerset et al., 1994). But each of the studies that are ambiguous about the benefits have also treated their patients with toxic antiviral DNA chain terminators like AZT. Indeed the study by de Biasi et al. was the only one that has tested purified factor VIII in the absence of AZT. The study by Seremetis et al. initially called for no AZT, but later allowed it anyway. Thus in all but one study, the potential benefits of highly purified factor VIII have been obscured by the toxicity of AZT.
  Genetica 95: 51-70, 19951995