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 Rasnick David
  "Cameron is on the faculty of the University of Ottawa. He is clearly an expert in designing and evaluating clinical trials. He told me that he consults for Canada's FDA... Cameron illustrated with specific examples how easy it is to "engineer" a desired outcome in clinical trials using viral load surrogate endpoints. In order to guarantee a therapeutic effect one needs only to recruit relatively healthy patients and observe them only for a short period of time. This method works even for drugs that have no therapeutic benefit and are actually harmful to the patients. The explanation he gave was that healthy people tolerate toxic drugs better than sick people... Cameron also showed that the placebo arm of a surrogate marker clinical trial can also show a pronounced clinical benefit, indistinguishable from drug therapy, if only the studies were allowed to go longer. The end result is that there would be no difference between drug and placebo as long as the drug was not toxic. Cameron suggested that any therapeutic benefits due to the HIV protease inhibitors may result from their anti-microbial activities since many pathogens have essential aspartyl proteases. (HIV protease inhibitors inhibit other aspartyl proteases.)"