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AIDS in Africa, In Search of the Truth
 Malan Rian
  "On the ground, these dollars translate into patronage for politicians and good jobs for their struggling constituents. In Uganda, an AIDS counselor earns twenty times more than a schoolteacher. In Tanzania. AIDS doctors can increase their income just by saving the hard-currency per diems they earn while attending international conferences. Here in South Africa, entrepreneurs are piling into the AIDS business at an astonishing rate, setting up consultancies, selling herbal immune boosters and vitamin supplements, devising new insurance products, distributing condoms, staging benefits, forming theater troupes that take the AIDS prevention message into schools. A friend of mine is co-producing a slew of TV documentaries about AIDS, all for foreign markets. Another friend has got his fingers crossed, since his agency is on the shortlist to land a $6 million safe-sex ad campaign."
  RollingStone magazine, November 22, 20012001
Update on Uganda : an analysis of the predictions and assumptions about the former epicenter of the AIDS epidemic. Implications for other African countries
 Fiala Chistian
  And if, just in Uganda, 4,000 aid organisations are active in the struggle against Aids (as of 1994), the priorities of the health system are clear. Powerlessly, Uganda authors remark: “Because local decision-makers are so dependent on donations, they tend to accept aid projects indiscriminately.” (Reproductive Health in Policy and Practice Uganda, Florence Mirembe, Freddie Ssengooba, Rosalind Lubanga, September 1998, Population Reference Bureau, USA)