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The Drug-AIDS Hypothesis
 Duesberg Peter, Rasnick David
  "There are a number of monumental obstacles, 15 years in the making, that block the possible solution of AIDS based on the drug hypothesis: 1) The HIV/AIDS orthodoxy’s annual budget of $8 billion from the US taxpayer alone, 2) The thousands of AIDS organizations, including countless public health and activist careers and the tens of thousands of scientific reputations that are exclusively built on HIV, 3) The numerous medical and social benefits available to HIV-positive activists and patients, 4) The staggering commercial interests in HIV-tests, over 20 million tests per year at $ 50 or more in the US alone, HIV-vaccines and anti-HIV drugs, 5) The prospects of numerous complaints and malpratice suits against the HIV/AIDS orthodoxy from those who were told they are destined to die based on HIV tests or were helped to die with AZT, 6) The prospect of a profound loss of confidence of the American public in its medical and scientific elite, 7) the $15 billion federal establishment that conducts the War on Drugs would risk its large budget and thousands of career positions if the War on Drugs were won in the name of the hypothesis that drugs cause AIDS."
  Continuum Feb./March 19971997