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Doctors Powerless as AIDS Rakes Africa
 Specter Michael
  This article acknowledged that the presumed increase in HIV incidence in Zimbabwe had occurred when increasing poverty had "begun to overcome the country. Tuberculosis, hepatitis, malaria, measles and cholera...have surged mercilessly". Malarial deaths had risen from 100 in 1989 to 2,800 in 1997.
  The New York Times (August 6, 1998)1998
Africa's New Bloc
 Connell Dan and Smyth Frank
  "The continent seems to grow poorer with every passing decade, leading a recent analysis to suggest that, "even if Africa's aggregate growth doubles over the next nine years, its per capita income in 2006 would still be five percent lower than it was in 1974."
  Foreign Affairs, Vol. 77, #2 (March/April 1998), p. 89.1998