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New study confirms efficacy of African traditional medicinal treatment for HIV/AIDS
 The Association for the Promotion of Traditional Medicine (PROMETRA, Dakar)
  "Conducted over the past three years, the research study aimed to ascertain the efficacy of METRAFAIDS, an indigenous herbal preparation, as a treatment option for African people living with HIV/AIDS. The study was conducted at the Center for Experimental Traditional Medicine in Fatick, Senegal, under stringent international scientific standards. Utilizing National Institutes of Health (NIH) protocols and laboratory testing conducted by Institute Pasteur (Paris) and Lab Corporation of America (USA), three cohorts of HIV positive individuals (total of 62 patients) were followed for six months. CD4 counts and viral loads were monitored on a monthly basis while patients received this African traditional medicine. The results showed that METRAFAIDS produced significant clinical and laboratory improvement. Over half of the patient population (54%) had a viral load decrease greater than 66%. Forty four patients (71%) increased CD4 counts by up to 70% during therapy. METRAFAIDS also improved opportunistic infections, dermatosis, weight, and clinical symptoms in 85% of the patients. There were no documented adverse reactions throughout the study, which was conducted between 1999 and 2002. Erick Gbodossou, a western trained physician and an initiated African traditional healer, led the research team. The study results were constantly reviewed by an international ethical and scientific committee, comprising renowned experts from Europe and Africa. “What makes this study different from the many “so-called” traditional medicine therapies reported earlier, is that it was conducted meeting international scientific standards, and the results have been validated by international reference laboratories¨, said lead researcher Gbodossou."
  PRESS RELEASE July 8, 2002 Posted to the web July 8, 2002, (www.prometra.org)2002