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Postnatal transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 from mother to infant: a prospective cohort study in Kigali, Rwanda.
 Van de Perre P et al.
  “PCR performed before the age of 1 month identified only 55% of the truly infected infants”
  NEJM. 1991;325:593-8.1991
Genetic Evaluation of Suspected Cases of Transient HIV-1 Infection of Infants.
 Frenkel LM et al.
  “A reanalysis is presented of 43 cases of apparent transient viremina [one or more positive culture or PCR assays for HIV-1 and the subsequent inability to detect HIV-1 in the speciments on multiple occasions or seroreversion, or both]. 41 cases occurred among 1561 infants in five studies of mother-to-infant HIV-1 transmission...Our negative studies of 43 cases of suspected transient infection indicate that the phenomenon...remains to be proven and that most cases suggestive of transient HIV-1 infection are cases of mislabeling of specimens or their contamination in the laboratory”
  Science. 15 May 1998;280:1073-1077.1998