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Viral loadInconsistent surrogate markerCorrelation with healthLTNPs
 Betts MR et al.
  “In contrast to previous reports...the viral load in the majority of the [long-term survivors] tested was detectable and, in some [long-term survivors], quite high...and variable over time.”
  AIDS Res Hum Retro. 1999 Oct;15:1219-28.1999
Status of long-term asymptomatic HIV-1 infection correlates with viral load but not with virus replication properties and cell tropism.
 Candotti D et al.
  “A wide range of plasma viral loads was observed among the LTNPs with HIV-1 RNA levels ranging from < 20 up to 860,000 RNA copies/ml plasma and a similar range was observed for the controls [Median: 40,000; Range: 2,200 up to 1,860,000] (Table I)...Among the 47 LTNPs with plasma viral load higher than 800 copies/ml, 30 had a viral load higher than 10,000 copies/ml and 3 had a viral load higher than 500,000 copies/ml despite fulfilling the inclusion criteria.”
  J Med Virol. 1999 July;58(3):256-63.1999
 Rasnick David
  "Wednesday included a discussion of long-term non-progressors: those folks who in spite of having either antibodies to HIV or HIV-RNA do not get sick after 20 years and longer. Eric Rosenberg of Massachusetts General Hospital said that viral load goes up and down in people whether they take the anti-HIV drugs or not. In people taking the drugs, the therapy is given credit for the reduction in viral load. In long-term non-progressors, the immune system is given the credit for low viral loads or reductions in viral load."